Author: Ethan James Clarke

Tricky Tuesday: You and I

Today I’ll address that tricky little quirk of grammar that seems like it trips up just about everybody nowadays: When do I refer to myself as “I” and when do I use “me” when two things are grouped together? What’s more polite: “My husband and I?” or “Me and my husband”? And why is this so difficult to get right? Think it’s easy? Let’s see… which of the following are correct: My father and me went fishing in the bay. The next morning found my sister and I still working on the flyers. Our daughter is so neat; she got that from my wife and I. My husband and me wish to thank you for joining us. Come sit next to my friend and I; we don’t bite. Just between you and I, this isn’t my best recipe. Okay, so maybe I tricked you a bit, because not one of them is right. Every single sentence above is broken, and it’s all because of this one weird little language quirk. And when I show you how easy it actually is to fix this, you will kick yourself a little, but more importantly, you will never make this mistake again! First off, why is this so difficult? The rules around how to get it right seem obscure and vague. Well, in all these examples, did you notice how the “I/me”...

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What’s The Diff? Jealousy vs Envy

Would you believe me if I told you the vast majority of times the word “jealous” is used nowadays, it is used incorrectly? Picture this: Sarah at work is proudly showing off her vacation pics from Aruba, and Jenny—who hasn’t had a holiday in ages—exclaims: “Oh my God, I’m so jealous!” What Jenny thinks she is saying: “I wish I had gone on that holiday too.” What Jenny is really saying: “I wish you would stop trying to take away my holiday from me. It’s mine. MINE!” I don’t know about you, but the second one sounds a wee...

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